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My name is Maja Rittmann. I’m a foreign language secretary with many years of work experience. I taught English for several years before I decided to teach German, too. That was in 2012.

Being a member of Toastmasters for a long time and having American friends all over the world, they had asked me on and on why I wouldn’t teach German to Americans. Today, I am grateful that they pushed me a little because I definitely enjoy my German classes. Your benefit is that I am a native speaker of the German language.

We use books in my classes, but other components are part of my classes too (for further information see "Total Physical Response (TPR)") . We do not only sit, write and learn by heart as you know it from school. My intention is that you learn not just because it’s necessary, no you should come back because you enjoy coming back.

You find English 4 Everyone just 10 min from Ramstein.

You are welcome to take part in a lesson for free. Check it out and see if you like it.

Contact me for an appointment or any questions you might have. Just give me a call or write an e-mail. I look forward to meeting you!

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German Classes for Adults

Living in a foreign country isn't easy for you. If you learn the country's language (in this case GERMAN), you will feel more at home and you won't feel helpless when dealing with your own affairs (e.g. German bills, contacts with German companies).

  • Small groups of up to 4 students
  • A lesson lasts 60 min
  • Relaxed learning atmosphere
  • Nice, homey classroom (see photos below)
  • No pressure to perform
  • Aim of the lesson: learning with fun
  • Topics concerning every-day life: family, weather, food, health, hobbies, etc.
  • Elements of Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • When ready: actively speaking
  • In such a small group you get to know each other very fast
  • Success due to active involvement

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German Classes for Kids

Give your child the chance to learn German. There isn't a better gift!

Kids learn much more easily than adults. Research showed that as an adult you benefit from having learned a foreign language at a young age. Your brain works differently and it's easier to learn another foreign language.

  • Small groups of up to 4 students
  • A lesson lasts 60 min
  • We sit with cushions on the floor (that way kids are more relaxed)
  • Nice, homey classroom (see photos below)
  • Many games (the kids learn while playing)
  • They always get a chance to move during the lesson.
  • Topics children are familiar with
  • Elements of Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • When ready: actively speaking
  • In such a small group the kids aren't shy at all
  • They sucessfully learn the language because they have a lot of fun and don't really realize that they learn.

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Total Physical Response (TPR)

Elements of Total Physical Response (TPR) by James J. Asher ("Learning Another Language Through Actions") are included in my classes. During these parts of lessons only the foreign language you want to learn is spoken (in your case GERMAN) and you learn new words through your actions. It's fun and a very effective method of learning because that's how you learned your native language. Your brain consists of a left and a right side. In standard classes you use just the left side of your brain. When you learn through actions you use the right side of your brain. The words you learn by TPR are not as easily forgotten as the words you learn by standard methods.
Don't hesitate, start to use both sides of your brain!

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Prices & Hours

P R I C E S:

  • One-on-one, 60 min, € 35/h

  • Small group of up to 4 students, 60 min/week, € 20/h/person

H O U R S:

  • If you are interested in certain times, don't hesitate to ask. Times always vary according to the demand of people
    Note: At the moment no morning lessons.

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Unterricht bei English 4 Everyone Unterricht bei English 4 Everyone Unterricht bei English 4 Everyone
Unterricht bei English 4 Everyone

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Maja Rittmann - English 4 Everyone

Ortsstr. 4 b
66879 Reuschbach (10 min from Ramstein, enter "Niedermohr" in your GPS)

Telephone: 0 63 83 / 92 59 08

E-Mail: info@german-4-everyone.de
Internet: www.german-4-everyone.de

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